16th April 2018- 17th April 2018
Brightland STEM Challenge 2018
"What Can You Do With a Cereal Box?"

18th April 2018
Recycling Day
27th April 2018
Field Trip to Sky Warrior (Putrajaya)
4th May 2018
Mother's Day Project


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Brightland Kindergarten was born in 2010 after I came back from Australia. Having an opportunity to study in Early Childhood Education, teaching and learning with young children around the world has been my passion ever since. The experiences that I have gained in Australia were vastly different from what I have been exposed to in a Malaysian school setting. I strongly believe that Kindergarten can inculcate either a love or a fear or dislike for learning. If learning in Kindergarten is fun and children experience success, then these children will look forward to attend to school and the desire to learn is implanted. On the other hand, if children have to struggle, being forced to master tasks which required mental and physical readiness beyond their years, then negative attitudes towards learning are imbued. It is important for parents to realize the impact of preschool experiences have on children's attitudes towards school and learning.

Additionally, I noticed that technology is not going to go away and we are in the midst of a major sociocultural quantum shift and today most of our children were the natives when comes to technology. Teaching, learning and communicating have all changed as technology progresses. Here in Brightland, we integrate technology into our learning and teaching activities and our educational goals took into account the varied interests and capabilities of the individual.